Please select the horn according to vessel length (L.O.A.) below and click on a picture:



For vessels under 14m L.O.A.


E85 Magnet Horn 12/24VDC         E85 Magnet Horn





For vessels 12 to 20m L.O.A.


E90 Magnet Horn 24VDC

       E90 Magnet Horn



ES15 Electronic Horn 24VDC



ES15 Electronic Horn





For vessels 20m to 75m L.O.A.



E150 Magnet Horn 24VDC


     E150 Magnet Horn



ES300 Electronic Horn 24VDC


ES300 Electronic Horn



A100 Air Horn            A100EH AIr Horn



For vessels 75m to 200m L.O.A.


MH550 Electric Horn   MH550 Piston Horn




A150 Air Horn            A150 Air Horn



A180 Air Horn            A180 Air Horn





For vessels over 200m L.O.A.


MH700 Electric Horn   MH700 Piston Horn



A200 Air Horn            







Auto Bell and Gong System



Ibuki Auto Bell and Gong System


Sound Reception System

SRS 100


Sound Reception System Microphones



Bridge Navigational

Watch System



Ibuki Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System



General / CO2 Alarm System